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Children and young people who offend


Work with children who commit offences and who appear at Children's Hearings is normally carried out by the council's Children and Families Service. Those young people who are more heavily involved in offending will come under the remit of the council's Youth Justice Team, which works with young offenders aged from 14 to 18 years. The Youth Justice team is based in the Civic Centre alongside colleagues in the Criminal Justice Social Work Service.

Although anyone past their 16th birthday may appear at an adult court, some young people may continue to have their behaviour considered by the Children's Hearing system, by agreement between the Children's Reporter (the person in charge of the Children's Hearing system in each area) and the Procurator Fiscal.

In West Lothian, most young people (under the age of 18 years) will have court reports prepared by the Youth Justice  Team, and will have any Probation Orders supervised by that team. The introduction in February 2011 of the Community Payback Order means that no person aged 16 or 17 may be sentenced to Unpaid Work alone: this must always be done as part of a package involving a Supervision Requirement.

However, if a young person (16 or over) is sentenced only to a Community Service Order in relation to an offence committed before 1st February 2011, that order will be managed by the Criminal Justice Social Work Service.



Updated: 10/08/12