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Removal of Dead Animals


West Lothian Council's Street Cleansing service will remove and dispose of any dead animals found on roads and public open spaces as a matter of urgency.

If you find a dead animal (dog, cat, badger etc) on public land you should contact the Customer Service Centre, giving as much detail as possible on the location.


The following are guidelines on handling and disposing of dead garden and wild birds.

  • If you find a dead swan, goose or duck or three or more dead wild , or garden birds together in the same place, please report this to Defra on Tel: 08459 33 55 77 you should not touch or handle the dead bird.
  • If the dead bird is a single, small garden, or wild bird then you do not need to call Defra, you should either leave it alone or follow the guidelines for disposal in normal household waste.


NETs and Land Services, Waverley Street Depot, Waverley Street, Bathgate, EH48 4JR.

Defra Helpline 08459 33 55 77 (new window)


Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of animal carcass will be uplifted by the council?

The removal of animal carcasses is, in general, a service provided to deal with the victims of road traffic accidents. These are usually cats, dogs, foxes, and so on, but may be extended to deer or other animals.

Will the Council dispose of a dead domestic pet?

No. The Council does not provide an uplift or disposal service for deceased domestic pets - the disposal of these carcasses is the responsibility of the pet owner. In many cases people may wish to bury the family pet in a suitable location in their garden, and this is perfectly acceptable. If that is not an option, local vets practices will have an arrangement for dealing with carcasses of animals that die in surgery or as a result of euthanasia, and they may be able to help (for a fee). There are also pet cemetery or cremation services, but these are more expensive than the vet option.

Will the Council remove a dead bird from guttering?

The Council will remove dead animals from all accessible public areas. Carcasses will not be removed from inaccessible locations (i.e. rooftops, waterways, and so on).